Monday, November 05, 2007

Return of the Coneheads

Click to enlargeMom and dad made a joke that something called the Coneheads was making a comeback. I don't think it's funny. So today mom took me back to the vet and daddy met us there. The vet looked at my foot and said I needed antibiotics, and that she needed to help my toe drain. She numbed it first, and mom sat by my head and fed me treats the whole time. I didn't feel anything, but they wouldn't let me see what the doctor was doing, and mom didn't look either. They still have to soak my foot at least twice a day. The doctor said that I have to come back on Wednesday to have my foot checked to see if it's healing, and maybe get another shot. If it's not healing well, there is a chance that there may be a cyst deep in my foot. My mom said she thinks that might be why I was chewing the top of my foot and why it looks all infected and irritated all of a sudden. If that's the case, they will have to do surger to get the cyst out. Mom and dad are really hoping it doesn't come to that.
Click to enlargeWe came home and mom fed me dinner. After dinner I started feeling sleepy and funny again. Then later mom and dad soaked my foot again.
Click to enlargeThen they put this new stupid lampshade on me that's even bigger than the last one! This is how long it has to be so that I can't chew on my foot. At least I'm sleepy, so I just feel like resting. The lampshade doesn't interfere too much with me resting.
Here is some good news - remember Bella? Well, she is just so happy in her foster home! You can see new pictures of her here.
I also want to thank all of my good blogfriends for all of their good wishes. Once I am feeling better and I don't have to wear this stupid lampshade I will be visiting all of your blogs again!


  1. Oh Indy we so hope you get better and don't need surgery. You are right, the lampshade does not interfere with naps. So take all the naps you need so you get better. Keep us updated.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  2. At least it's clear so you can see through it!

  3. Poor Indy! I do think that your new cone looks much nicer than the old one. Hopefully whatever your vet did while your mom was giving you treats makes everything all better.


  4. What a brave dog for enduring all of this! Get better soon.

    Yay for Bella!!

  5. Yikes, my foot hurts FOR you! At least nobody can sneak up on you with this one. I'll keep you in my thoughts, buddy!!


  6. Oh poor you! Hopefully everything will be okay now. We're all sending Sibe Vibes for your footy foot. I think your Dad should wear a lampshade too.

  7. Oh Indy.. Tia and I are so sorry that your foot has not healed yet. We hope you get better soon and get rid of that darn lampshade.

  8. Awe Indy Tristin and I are sorry to hear about your foot. We will be praying that you don't need surgery. Sibe Vibes are definately being sent your way. Tell your mommy to hug you for us both.

    Love and Licks,
    Quincy & Tristin

  9. You sure look drowsy! Hope you're healin' while you're snoozin'!

  10. We really hope it gets better so you don't have to have surgery.
    :( We'll be sending good vibes your way.

    PS We didn't even know they made those torture devices that long.

  11. Had I known you were suffering through all of this indignity when your human woman came over this weekend, I would have clawed her for you. Rumor has it she'll be over to borrow Sam's big recovery crate... I'll get her for you then.


  12. Poor Indy! Poor, sweet Indy! I hope your footy-foot heals fast so you can take the lampshade off your head. You still look handsome, though!

  13. Hiya Indy,
    I hopes yur footsie gets better real soon & that they don't have to do surgery on it. I know just how you feel about the lampshade cuz I hated mine that I had to wear when I got "fixed".
    Pee Ess - Cosmos sends get-well woos & barks to you, too.

  14. Oh IndyPindy.... I hope your foot saga heals up soon. That lampshade is such torture! But, at least you can see right through it. I haven't seen one like that before.