Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Doughnut

No, it's not from Krispy Kreme. A nice lady in Harnessed to Hope told my mom about the Pro Collars and said they were a nice alternative to the stupid lampshade collars. It basically looks like a pool toy.
Click to enlargeI really don't mind it as much. It's like having my own little portable pillow. It is a lot better than the stupid conehead collar. I was a good boy and didn't lick my foot, so my humans left the doughnut collar on me today when they went to work. But tonight my mom caught me licking my foot with the doughnut collar on, so she said it's going back to the store on Saturday when we go to the vet. Darn!
Well, the vet said yesterday that she thinks she sees some improvement in my foot. She said my toe looks smaller, and mom noticed today that it looks even smaller, so that's good. They SHAVED MY FOOT to make it easier to keep clean, so I have a naked foot. The indignity! My sock came off in PetCo and one lady looked at my foot and gasped and covered her mouth. Mom gave her a dirty look, picked up my sock and put it back on with more medical tape.
So the good news is that the vet gave me another antibiotic injection and I will go back to have my foot checked again on Saturday. Since it looks like my foot is slowly but surely healing, hopefully I won't need surgery! Thanks again to all of my blog friends for your good wishes, they really have made me and my mommy feel better!


  1. Try some otomax. It's usually used in ears for yeast infections, but mom's vet told her to use it on Samuels foot when he had icky foot, and it cleared it up within a few days!

    At least the doughnut is a little more attractive.


  2. Oh the donut looks more comfy. I'm sure your paw fur will grow long soon. Take care~

    ~ Girl girl

  3. Are you still taking sleepy meds? I hope you're feeling okay except for the paw!

    The lady in PetCo? People can be really strange!

  4. Hope you are feeling better. It is a good thing to wear the cone. I had a sore on my tail and the woman I used to live with took off the cone. I bit off and ate a third of my tail while she was asleep. You don't want to do that to your foot, so a cone is a good thing.


  5. Maybe if your mom gave you REAL doughnuts, you'd leave your footy-foot alone. Tell her it's an ancient Siberian remedy and see if she'll try it! Ha woooooooo!

  6. That ring looks like you just got out of the water - it does look more comfy then the stupid lampshade. Sorry that yur mom will be returning it. I hopes that yur footsie will be super better over the weekend fur you.

  7. Oh, poor Indy. Your footie looks pretty ouchie...but I am so glad to hear that it's getting better. I roll my eyes at the stupid lady in PetCo, people are rude!

    I'll bet you'll be back to 100% in no time flat!


  8. If you chewed on the donut, would it pop like a balloon?

  9. Indy, your foot needs to get better soon. It was snowing up here today!!!

    PS - you should have left the lady that laughed at you a little p-mail note registering your displeasure at her immature display!

  10. I say, what good is a donut if you can't eat it?


  11. Hey Indy,

    Firstly, hope you are feeling better soon buddy - you poor thing, it doesn't look like much fun for you at the moment :-(

    Secondly, can you please email my mum again the recipe book details ? (international postage etc) - she wants to buy one now that the move is all over - but it seems that her computer "ate" the email your mum sent her with all the details on it :-(

    Thanks buddy,


  12. Oh Indy, we hope you foot gets better soon. We're sorry that lady was so rude. It is a good thing that Huskies are so could have snapped at her for her mean comment.

    That donut thing was a good idea. My Mom had never seen one before. Maybe if you have to wear the lampshade again you can get extra treats and attention! Maybe that is the bright side of things????? I know....the lampshade stinks.

  13. What a stooopid lady in Petco! I hope she gets an ingrown toenail.
    I'm glad your footy foot is looking a little better. I'm sure your Mom is planning to celebrate your recovery with CAKE!

  14. Call me crazy... and don't hate me... but the donut looks a tad bit too big which is probably why it didn't work. Of course, with a little chocolate and some sprinkles, it probably would have been very tasty.


  15. Hey Indy, how is you foot today? Did you go to the vet? Please tell me you got rid of that blue thing. Let us know how you are.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  16. Oh Indy! I am sorry that you and your mom ran into a stoopid human. I am sorry that your foot had to be shaved. However, that new doughnut thing looks kinda cool. I like having your own portable pillow!!!

  17. That doughnut looks much better than the lampshade. Glad to hear your foot is feeling better. How dare that judgemental lady in the store give your mom and dirty look.

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann