Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Sock

The Evil Spray did not stop me from licking my foot. So my mom got a plan. The plan for tonight included waterproof medical tape, an old Nike sock, and this even MORE evil spray:
This spray has something called "cap sick um" in it. Mom said that's what makes hot peppers hot. So she put the sock on my foot with the boo boo, used the waterproof medical tape to tape the sock to my fur, and then sprayed the sock and the tape with the Bitter End spray!
So, here I am. Defeated. Wearing a stupid old Nike sock that's hot and spicy.
I was so pissed I refused to open my eyes for the picture.

But don't worry, I am taking revenge. Mom and dad have to soak my foot for 5 minutes in a warm water solution 3 times a day, then they have to gently squeeze the toe to make the yucky stuff come out. Mom said it's the best weight loss plan ever, whatever that means. Anyway, when I have to stand for 5 minutes to have my foot soaked, I make my people feed me liver and chicken treats pretty much non stop. Then when they make me lie down to squeeze my toe, I start farting. And I don't mean just regular farts. I've been eating a TON of liver, and humans REALLY hate the smell of liver (I didn't say humans made sense!). So my farts are even worse than usual because they're liver scented farts. Mom's been burning incense and spraying air freshener a lot. This morning I scared her because right when she squeezed my toe I let rip with a really bad silent but deadly fart. At first mom thought the terrible smell was coming from my foot and was ready to rush me to the vet right then. But then she realized it was a fart. Or "chemical warfare" as she calls it.


  1. Way to go INDY! How dare they put a sock on you. They'd had better feed you lots and lots of liver and endure your chemical warfare with a smile!

    Woos of sympathy,

  2. Oh, I would be more that p**sed off with that torture. Good HULA technique with the fart paybacks....hope your footy-foot feels better soon.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  3. Ooohhh, farts!! I am a great farter! And they are always LOUD! I can't imagine how stinky those liver farts are! Good for you!

    Sorry about the sock! It's so terrible the things humans do to us!


  4. Yeah, the Human Assistant has used the tape-to-the-fur trick. It's pretty annoying.

    In fact it all sounds pretty annoying! Hope the toe is better soon!

  5. I suggest you take the sock off and then rub it on their pillow cases. That'll show them. Sit on their pillows and fart too, for that deep down stink.


  6. Yow! I'm sorry you have to endure the stupid sock. But I'm happy your farts are reaking havoc!

  7. Oh No Inday. What is it with them and the tape and bandages and poor you got a sock too? I know they mean well, but enough already. I like the treats and farts thing. I have to remember that when the bandages are coming off.
    Hope you feel better.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  8. For some reason, my Mom cannot stop laughing at your story. That sock is ridiculous!!! SO IS BITTER SPRAY!

    I love that you are farting so much. Liver farts are like expensive perfume! If it weren't for the weird sock and nasty spray, I think I'd want a weird toe infection, just so I could eat all that liver and fart up a storm. I mean, my Mom is laughing so much at your story, she must really enjoy farts, so it would almost be like doing her a favor!

    Keep on rocking with that gas!!


  9. haha, that's very funny about farting in your peoples' faces. i'll have to try that when i get to my home.

    i stopped by your blog (linked on Cairo's Place). my name is kaiser and i hope we can be buds. i've never met a husky before...

  10. Oh Indy! I am sorry your mom got out the sock!! I sure hope your foot is doing better now :)

  11. Sounds yucky. My uncle used to have similar stuff put on his fingernails when he was younger to stop biting them.

    Sorry you have to go through with all of this but YA for liver treats! They sound GOOD!

  12. Hahahahahahaha. Chemical warfare!

    Liver farts are a very good counter to that icky they sprayed on your socks.

  13. Grandma10:32 PM

    It sounds like your mommy it's doing everything she can to make you feel better.
    I'm sorry you have to wear a sock. Get better soon.........

  14. poor poor indy! i think you are very brave and patient to put up wif all that crazy treatment. your peepol shud be glad that farting is the only payback... so far!

    luv ivy

  15. Ha-rooo rooo rooo! Your story has us rolling on the floor, good one Indy! Serves them right for torturing you. I've had to wear socks, t-shirts, e-collars, and a BiteNot collar (they aren't nearly so awful as those e-collars), cause I get hot spots, sometimes between my delicate toesies. I've learned to patiently put up with it, and it all end soon & they'll leave you alone. But I never get liver & chicken snacks -- what am I doing wrong? Maybe I SHOULD fuss more.

    Hope your poor widdle toesie is better soon


  16. Way to go, you sound like a Master Farter like me. It takes skill, the people just don't get that.


  17. Oh my. That sock is kinda silly lookin. Way to go to stink Mom out. Maybe that was you we've been smelling over here! Mom's been blaming it on Shyla.

  18. You're a clever, clever dog Indy!


  19. Haaaa haaaa haaaa too funny. That is the best revenge ever.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

  20. lol, that was so funny!

    thanks for making me laugh tonight!