Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dangerous Dog Toy - Four Paws Pimple Ball with Bell

Please click here to read the latest update on this dangerous dog toy, and how the company, Four Paws, was notified that a dog died in 2005 after getting its tongue trapped in the toy. At that time, Four Paws promised to recall the toy and fix the problem (add a second hole to prevent a vacuum, which is what trapped the dog's tongue in the toy), but they didn't. The toy is still for sale, and so far, we have not found any evidence that Four Paws has lived it to its promise about the voluntary recall.
Click to has found that various stores have not been contacted and asked to pull this toy from their shelves. There is also a flyer you can download and print to post at local pet supply stores.


  1. Momma is going to check our favorite locally owned pet supply chain and make sure that they do not sell this.

    Princess Eva

  2. Tank woo fur inkhluding this on your blog!

    We WILl get the word out -

    Mom is going to chekhk when she goes to stores in our area -


  3. That's awful! I'm so glad you included a post on the toy--we will try to spread the word.

  4. Can you believe HuMom bought the red one years ago? Dad cut a hole in the other side and, strung and knotted a large rope through it and made it into a pull toy for my sister Kiley. Although that toy has been gone for years, we are very upset it was in our house. "Four Paws" is an greedy and evil company. We will never buy from them again