Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Parvo Panic - Don't Fall for It!

My mom has seen this email on four of the dog related email lists she is on in the past week.
A very similar press release was issued in February of 2008 by Oklahoma State University's Center for Veterinary Science. What a coincidence, this veterinary center claimed to have been the first to discover this vaccine (even though it has been known for 8 years) and developed a vaccine for it...even though the current parvo vaccines on the market already protect against this known strain of 2c. The press release was full of scary statements, such as about a "breeder" who lost 600 puppies in one night. Um - the ONLY type of place that has 600 puppies at once is a HUGE puppymill operation, and I'm not surprised that a puppymill operation would have a parvo outbreak, since puppymill operations are known for cutting costs by providing poor living conditions and vet care.
Check out this great article on the Pet Connection blog.
Trust me puppies - you do NOT need to rush out and get another vaccine!


  1. Whew, that's a big relief - I just got all my shots a little while ago and I sure don't want any more. Thanks for letting us know.

    Wags and woos, Thunder and the OP Pack

  2. Thanks for letting Dad know! He's a worry-wort and I don't like shots, so now everyone's happy! :)

  3. Good to know! Thanks for sharing this with us Indy!! We sure don't need any more shots!


  4. The caninaturalist is relieved, too! But now we need to go liberate the puppies at the mill.