Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hike N Howl 2008!

Yesterday was the 2008 Hike n Howl! My people and I drove to Langhorne, Pennsylvania on Friday night and stayed at a hotel near the park. I had a lot of fun and got to meet Khyra and her mom! Here is a video that Khrya's mom took of me:

My mom said that even though it was a northern breed event with lots of Siberian Huskies, I was still very loud and kind of embarrassing.
Here I am with Khyra!

This is my favorite picture of Khrya, so pretty!
You can see the rest of the photos that my humans took. It was a lot of fun, but boy are we tired! My mom and I are going to go take a nap.


  1. Ahhhhh!

    It was soooo furry nice to meet you and your pawrents!!

    Woo were khwite the fun folks to hang with!!!


  2. Wooos, that looks like fun! Wooo certainly are eloquent, Indy! That's so nice woo & Khyra got a chance to meet! Wish we were closer, we'd love to meet woo too!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  3. You two look great together! Wonderful photos - thanks fur sharing.

  4. Wow! It looks like you had tons of fun.