Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm at School Today!

I'm at school today with my buddies! Mom and I got there at the same time as Duke the huge Rottweiler (he has an orange collar on and is very tall) and Buddy. Duke ran up to my mom to say hi and his head came halfway up her chest! He was very sweet and we ran into day care together.
My dad snagged this very cute picture of Khyra giving me kisses at the hike. Mom said it looks like I have a girlfriend!

And that is the Kapp Pack's little biped standing behind us!


  1. SIGH!

    I had such a fun time with woo!!

    And that is my mom with the little bi-ped!!!


  2. You'all have such fun events! I hope you rested up from all that fun.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie
    And give you mom a big hug from us her all her help.

  3. And I notice that Khyra's mom color coordinated her outfit to her leash.

    Princess Eva

  4. We're so jealous that you got to smooch with Khyra: Ari wishes she could snuggle with you both--and the little biped, who we think is the cutest thing around!

  5. My little biped is famous!

    Butt wiggles, Meadow

  6. Oh, Indy! I wish I had been there to give you kisses, too!

  7. That photo tells it all - you guys look so happy!

  8. Hi Indy!

    The Human Assistant says that's a sweet picture. I see you aren't giving her any attention though. That's good.

    A couple of weeks ago Alizé was following me around. She was in heat. It was annoying!

    Anyway. Hope you had a fun week!