Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mugsey is Home!!!

Remember my post about Mugsey, the bulldog that had been stolen from his backyard in the Flower Hill area of Gaithersburg? He's home! My mom got an update from Mugsey's mom:
"Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to let everyone know that Mugsey is home!!!!! Yesterday morning a woman in Germantown found Mugsey walking, alone, around a lake in Germantown. He followed her home so she took him inside. She was telling her cousin about him and her cousin told her she had seen a missing dog sign in a Chinese restaurant in Flower Hill (that's the name of the area where we live). We had put missing dog signs in all the restaurants that would let us near our area. Anyway, the lady in Germantown then did a search online for missing bulldogs and found Mugsey's blog site and that is how she found us! She actually tried to call me and I missed the she somehow found my address and drove to our house and said..."I think we have your dog". Of course Mark and I have heard this over and over so we didn't get our hopes up. She opened her car door and out flew Mugsey!!!
Thank you everyone for your support and keeping an eye out for him. I really think the ad in the Gazette on Wednesday had something to do with his return. I think whoever had him saw it and freaked out and let him go. We are overwhelmed with happiness to have him home. Even Katelynn turned to me last night and said "Mom we are a family again!!". It was so cute."
My mom was so happy to hear this she got tears in her eyes. Thanks to everyone who said prayers for Mugsey, it worked!


  1. What grrrrreat news!

    I bet Mugsey is soooo furry happy to be bakhk with his peeps!

    PeeEssWoo: My mom is doing that leaky thing...

  2. That's GREAT news!!! I'm furry glad that Mugsey was found! Yay for Mugsey and the kind human!


  3. That is just awesome! So glad he is home.