Monday, March 09, 2009

Not Good News

Well, some good news, but some not so good news. On Saturday my mom took me to have my teeth cleaned by a lady from Houndstooth Pet Teeth Cleaning. It was okay...this lady tricked me into laying down on my side for tummy rubs, then she held my head and...and...cleaned my teeth!!!. She said my teeth were in pretty good shape, and that mom should start cleaning my teeth twice a week, and I'd never need them cleaned again.
So my mom talked to Meeshka's human woman, and she suggested Petzlife Oral Care Gel, since it's all natural and doesn't contain anything I'm allergic to, or sugar. They also have a salmon flavor, but since I'm allergic to fish, I can't have that one. But NOW...I have an entire dental care SET!!!
I even have a toothbrush that's specially designed to clean the outer and inner sides of my teeth! This is not good...
Update: Mom says I only chewed her fingers a little.


  1. Ummm, I'm not what word fits such a situation....

    I'm sorry fur woo?

    BUT I'm sure woo will work it to your advantage...ask the large and fluffy grub eating khween what she suggests!


  2. OMD! How horrible! I hope my human never reads this...or I might have to get MY teeth cleaned! I hope woo get many many treats in exchange for getting woor teeth cleaned! If woor humans don't give woo any, then tell them NO WAY!!


  3. My suggestion...find the tube and eat it. And when they buy another, eat that one too. Eventually, they will stop buying the stuff.


    PS. I have a tube they are supposed to start using on me too. Not happy

  4. Oh yea, Indy I forgot to tell you. We only got a dusting of snow, around a quarter of an inch. Pups south of us got up to 8 inches. We got hosed! At least I did get to play a little, but because of the stoopid staples there were no zoomies.

    Paws crossed for a long winter.


  5. Dental set? NOOOOO! I hate to have my teeth even looked at. Leave me alone. I am so sorry you had to go through that
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. You have my deepest sympathies. You could consult with our Meeka. Dad tried to use that stuff on him....once.

  7. Actually Indy, I told your human woman about the dental stuff. Hey, if I have to suffer, so must you.

    HAAAAA Lane Bryant model? Take that!


  8. Well, at least they didn't try to use floss!

  9. We've never had our teeth brushed... yet. We better hide this blog from our mom & hope she doesn't read it....

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack

  10. I am not letting my mum see this.

    Huffle Mawson

  11. Would you believe that our dogs actually LOVE to have their teeth cleaned. Their mom bought a liver flavored tooth paste that they actually beg for.

  12. Mommie uses the Petzlife spray on my teeth. When I see the bottle, I run away from her. Teehee! Do you do that, too?