Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evanger's Blog Writer Denies License Suspension by FDA

I got this comment on my blog today form someone named "lillypants". Their Blogger profile leads to the Evanger's blog. Lillypants said:
I don't know where this information came from but their license has not been suspended. Evanger's complies with FDA standards and it continues to make quality dog food. If there is any concern, please call the FDA or Evanger's directly to make sure you get truthful information, instead of relying on internet speculation.
Well lillypants - this information came directly from the FDA web site. I had that link in my previous post too, but I guess you missed it somehow. So, the FDA DID announce yesterday that it is suspending Evanger's temporary license, and it also states:
deviated from the prescribed process, equipment, product shipment, and recordkeeping requirements in the production of the company's thermally processed low acid canned food (LACF) products. The deviations in their processes and documentation could result in under-processed pet foods, which can allow the survival and growth of Clostridium botulinum (C. botulinum), a bacterium that causes botulism in some animals as well as in humans.
In April 2008, Evanger’s was issued an “Order of Need for Emergency Permit” after the agency determined that the company had failed to meet the regulatory requirements to process a product that does not present a health risk. In June, 2008, FDA issued Evanger’s a temporary Emergency Permit. During inspections conducted between March 2009 and April 2009, FDA determined Evanger’s was not operating in compliance with the mandatory requirements and conditions of the Temporary Emergency Permit.
“The FDA is stopping Evanger's ability to ship pet food in interstate commerce,” said Dr. Bernadette Dunham. “Today’s enforcement action sends a strong message to manufacturers of pet food that we will take whatever action necessary to keep unsafe products from reaching consumers.”
In order for Evanger's to resume shipping in interstate commerce, the company must document that corrective actions and processing procedures have been implemented to ensure that the finished product will not present a health hazard.
So, there you go. It came directly from the FDA, so it is NOT "internet speculation". And as far as suggesting that I call Evanger's to get the truth? The fact that you completely ignored the link to the FDA announcement completely ruined your credibility, and hurt Evanger's credibility, and I'm not going to take their word for it that none of this is true and everything is hunky dory. If you think this information is untrue, you need to take it up with the FDA, since they made the announcement. Everything I posted here was true.
I have fed my dog Evanger's for the past three years, but am now looking for an alternative.

I also found several complaints from dog owners about their dogs becoming seriously ill after eating Evangers dog food on Consumer Affairs. It seems many of these people sent food out for testing and contacted the FDA, which may be what launched the FDA's investigation. The sad thing is that all of the dog owners report either a lack of response, or very dismissive responses from Evanger's when they contacted them about their experiences.

There is another post on Pet Connection about Evanger's license being suspended by the FDA. Note the many denials of any license suspension by Evanger's staff in the comments, even though the FDA has the announcement on their web site. Not that smartest way to handle bad publicity, Evangers folks.


  1. You go Indy!!!! Apparently, they are trying to save their asses, no surprise there.

    We use to eat Evangers, but after finding chunks of plastic in the Senior formula, and chunks of corn in a their cooked chicken formula, we quit buying it. When pups have allergies to corn, it's not a good thing to find big whole kernals of it in the food!


  2. So Miss Lilly SmartyPants, what do you say to that?

    Huffle Mawson

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    We noticed Evanger is deleting comments from their blog. And whodathunk that links to a government website amounts to "internet speculation"?

    And call the company? Uh yeah right... that is pathetic.

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  4. Hello Everybody,

    Evanger's written response to the FDA News release is posted on our website. The link below will direct you to it.


    Joel Sher
    Vice President
    Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Co Inc

  5. Lilypants is their daughter. Her dogs name is Lily. And she is a Husky. I meet her at the gym.

  6. Wow--a reply from the Vice President! You are famous!

    Thanks for checking up on these things. No matter what happens, our doggie's health and safety is the MOST IMPORTANT.

    Gus and Waldo

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  8. thanks indy! did you find an alternative that has been acceptable to your doggie? my doggie loves evangers, but after some reading (fda site, evangers site, indyscorner etc), i've decided to suspend the feeding of evangers. for the time being, i'm only feeding leftee orijen adult dry food and no canned food. she isn't too happy about it, but she likes the orijen well enough.

    jimdan & leftee

  9. Indy is now eating Weruva canned food (he loves the chicken wih chicken livers) and Evo canned food. There are also a few types of Wellness canned food he can eat. And Canine Caviar is good too. Of course his dinners are all homemade raw diet, mostly freshly butchered goat and beaf from an international market.
    Glad this was helpful!