Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Sunday Walk

Mom started to take me for a walk with Maddie today. Since we get along so well mom tried walking us on a coupler, so she only had to hold one leash. Here's a picture of us.

It was going okay for a few minutes until I raised my leg to pee on a bush, and Maddie walked right into the stream. Then she tried to get away from it and she was actually under me while I was still peeing. Then she backed out of her harness. Then mom took us both back to our house so she could clean Maddie up and spray her harness with Nature's Miracle. Then she got out a martingale collar and another leash for Maddie and we did go for a walk.
We saw this BIG moth!
Then Maddie came back to our house to rest and drink some water while her harness finished drying, and then we took her back to grandma and grandpa's house. It was a big day and we're all tired from the long walk in the heat.


  1. Rut Roh!

    I didn't get fur one yet...way too hot and humid!

    We are hoping the showers khlear out AND the street dries up SOON!

    Tank woo fur sharing the massive moth!




  3. Geez Indy, you could have stopped peeing when poor Maddie walked under you.

    Huffle Mawson

  4. Huffle,
    I was actually shocked that she walked under me. I thought she would back away from me...I had no idea she would go under me. And the bush HAD to be peed on, another dog had left me a pee-mail and I was in the middle of replying when Maddie walked into the stream. I didn't want to lose everything I had already written!

  5. The humans long ago stopped worrying about any of us peeing on any of the others of us, so there is never any returning to the house. We all know better than to pee on Natasha (you could lose vital parts trying that), but otherwise we don't really care.

  6. Sometimes Phantom and TD pee on each other too, by accident of course. But they were always very careful not to do THAT to princess Dakota.

    Glad you did end up with a nice walk.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. our mommy tried an evil coupler once - but wood would do his business and sweetie kept trying to chew her way out - they walk shoulders touching without it - but with it it was a disaster!!

    happy you survived it too

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  8. ACCCK!
    a MOTH?
    Humom HATES moths!
    really really hates them


    funny about the pee thing. Poor Maddie. How humiliating

  9. OMG. I tried the coupler like one time and never again. Sometimes it's better to have a dog in each hand. Tip: hold both leashes in ONE hand, the right hand, at the loops. Then just use it like ONE leash, let the leashes twist and doesn't even matter. acts just like a coupler anyway! and when you need to, you can use your left hand down the line of both leashes to gather dogs together or even separate them apart! Twist your wrist with your hand still in the loop to untwist the leashes if you need to separate the leashes. OH, and ya, that peeing on thing... so lovely. every multi-dog owner must have experienced it at least once! The worst thing about urine is the smell and ick factor. at least it's not poisonouos or toxic.
    play bows,
    Wild Dingo