Friday, September 04, 2009

Let Dick's Sporting Goods Know What You Think About Vick

Dick's Sporting Goods is currently not stocking Michael Vick's jersey because they have not seen enough demand from Eagles fans, according to Their chief marketing officer says that they have no problem stocking the jersey if the demand is there. The franchise is tracking phone calls, queries on it's web site and inquiries at Philadelphia area stores to gauge the demand for Vick's jersey. You can contact Dick's Sporting Goods Customer Service at 1.877.846.999.


  1. It is khwite true!

    The Doggy Nanny khalled them -
    And she also wrote them -

    I know my mom is furry sad - we aren't watching ANY NFL this year - their khommissioner should not have pawmitted him bakhk in AND then he even khurtailed his time out...



  2. I agree.. .he still needs to do a whole lot more for the animal community.


  3. we are totally with you guys

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  4. We are right there with you, and called them to tell them not to support someone like him by selling his jersey. We do NOT believe he has learned his lesson, or that he is sorry at all for what he did. He is only sorry he got caught.


  5. I think that it's plain awful that Vick is being welcomed back without doing more to 'prove' that he's trying to make amends to animals. The case broke my heart.

    I don't watch football, but if I did, I'd boycott him.

  6. Thanks again for your advice re: my dog's food allergies and pacreatitis. Yesterday turned into a worried day with K not doing well so I wasn't able to focus. But, since she seems better today (paws are crossed that it stays that way) I plan a lot of reading!

    Hey everyone - you probably already know what a caring dog person Indy's human is - but if you don't, I can personally attest to it!