Saturday, September 19, 2009

Louie, Male Siberian Husky at Montgomery County Humane Society

My mom went to visit Louie a few weeks ago at the Montgomery County Humane Society in Rockville, Maryland. Louie was an owner surrender. His previous owners had to move and could not take him with them. They told the shelter that Louie is 10 years old, but the kennel tech did not think he was that old, and my mom didn't either. Here is what my mom wrote about her visit with Louie:
He is on the small side, but he really looks like a purebred Sibe to me. And he acts like one too. He was an OS, his owners gave him up because they were moving. His coat is very dry, and his teeth are worn and have a lot of tarter. I think he's been on a really cheap, low quality kibble all his life. He also seems to have sensitive skin. The skin on his inner thighs and tummy is very red and irritated, and he's been scratching at it. He has also been licking at his left rear foot, the skin between two of the toes is very red and irritated. He let me look at it with no problem, and same with the skin on his thighs and tummy. He seems to have kennel cough, it's been going around at the shelter. The kennel tech made a note and will ask that he be started on antibiotics. Other than that he is in good shape. He was very excited when we came up to his kennel and started jumping up. He was VERY excited when walking out toward the yard and was wagging his tail. Another kennel tech was bringing a dog back in from the yard and was walking toward us. The other dog barked and lunged at Louie. I watched Louie closely and he just jumped back, but his tail was still wagging. He didn't so much as growl. The other kennel tech backed up and let us go out and Louie walked right past the other dog.
He was very excited for the first few minutes we were outside and was pulling very hard, but he calmed down after about 5 minutes. He was very interested in everything outside, so I walked him around on the leash a bit. I sat down and he stood with his tail near me, so I started petting his back, and rump, and ran my hands down his lets. I ran my hand over his tail. He didn't seem to mind or care at all. I then moved up to his neck and was petting his neck and sides. I pulled him into a "safe hug" or vet tech hold. He started to wiggle a bit, then stopped and just let me hug him for about 7 seconds. He loves to be petted. I petted along his belly, and that's when I started looking at the red skin on his belly and thighs. I picked up one of his front paws and he looked down as if to say "what are you doing with my foot?" but didn't mind at all.
He does not seem to know sit or shake, but he is very sweet. After about 5 minutes he calmed down and I walked him around the yard some more. He was very good on the leash at that point and barely pulled at all. He did very well on the shelter evaluation. They said kids 15+, but I don't think children younger than that would be a problem. They didn't give any details as to why they chose that age limit for him, but since I was able to touch him all over, grab him in a hug, and pick up his foot with no problem, I don't see why he couldn't live with kids younger than that.
I offered him chicken jerky treats several times and he didn't want them, so I don't think he'll have any food guarding issues. The eval said he didn't show any during their test.
So far Louie has no adoption applications. He is a very sweet boy, so if you know of anyone who is looking for a dog like Louie, please point them to the Montgomery County Humane Society. This is Louie's listing.


  1. Paws khrossed fur him!

    He's khwite the handsome fella!

    And WOO YES, he's a Sibe!

    PeeEssWoo: Arrrrr!

  2. What a handsome habdsome guy, surely he'll get a great home quickly! Paws crossed for Louie!


  3. He's a sweet looking boy. I hope he finds a nice home soon.

    Huffle Mawson

  4. Handsome indeed you are! We really really hope you'd find a loving permanent home! Will keep the paws and fingers crossed for you my friend!!


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