Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Videos of Me

Here is a video my mom took last Sunday of me playing in the snow at my grandparents' yard.

It was so much fun! I wish there were snow all the time.

Today my people took me to the dog park. Whenever I'm in the car with mom, we sing along with the music. Mom keeps telling dad that I'm such a good singer and am pretty good at following the melody, so today on the way to the dog park they tried to get video of me singing in the car.

I think you can see how I felt about that. Oh, and mom wants me to say that's dad singing. She has a much nicer singing voice.


  1. They never do their funniest tricks when we take out the camera!!!! My dog makes up his own songs but shuts up the instant that I try to record it!

    Chuckles from Colorado!

  2. Woooo Indy!
    Was woo embarrassed by your maw and pa singin'?

    Husky kisses,

  3. I can see how you feel about your dad's singing!

  4. Wooo - We hide when our hu-dad sings too.