Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Puppy Teeth!

The other day mom came across a little box that she saved some of my puppy teeth in!
Puppies lose their baby teeth just like baby humans. Some puppies swallow their teeth or they just get lost. Mom found a couple of mine and kept them.
Here they are next to a penny so that you can get an idea of how tiny they are. Nothing like the big vicious toofers I have now!


  1. How khool!

    Bekhause I didn't find my mom until I was all grown up, we don't have any of those special toofers!


  2. Hello Mr Indy

    Thank you for giving me some good advice, I will get Ma to investigate all options!! I am currently eating Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach which is OK (its the least irritating at the moment)but would still like to get to the root of the problem... Ma said she doesnt like using prednisone for long, thats why I only get short courses as a temporary fix in the meantime.

    Thanks so much!!!


  3. HaRoooo! Dat is really neat. I don't think maw has any of my puppy teeth. But of course, I need my toofers for gnawing on bones, toys, and udder good chewies.

    Husky kisses,

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