Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday Humiliation 2005

I thought I had escaped the dreaded Santa hat this year. Mom didn't put one on me at the Husky rescue Christmas Party on Saturday, and I thought I was home free! Alas, tonight I was proven wrong. Mom lured me to the tree with treats and told me to sit. Well, I wanted the treat, so I did. Before I knew it she had that stupid hat on me and had taken about a dozen pictures! I did my best to shake the hat off, yawn, close my eyes or talk during almost every picture.

This is the first one - I was so surprised that I haven't had time to make a face yet.

This was the 5th picture - she caught me with my eyes open and the hat still on, and my feelings showing clearly on my face.

In this one I was talking and complaining about this cruel, cruel treatment.

A warning to all of my canine and kitty friends - if you see any Santa hats, tear them up! Take them outside and bury them! Shred them and scatter them to the four winds! FedEx them to the North Pole! Whatever you do, GET RID OF THEM!.

Oh, the same goes for those stupid fake antlers, elf hats, etc.

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  1. We got stuck in a basket with fake snow.

  2. Oh the abomination.

    One time the humans did the same to me, and I hated it so much that later that day I dug under the fence and escaped. They had the nerve to use a picture of me with the Santa hat in a "Lost Dog" poster. Looked more like a "Wanted" poster. But it worked. Everywhere I went people recognized me, called me the Dog in the Hat.

    When they were not looking I peed on their tree and soaked their presents. They never did it again after that.

  3. But it's sssooo cute Indy!!

  4. Hey Indy,

    What happened?! Did they hog tie you or somethin'? Knowin' your dislike of hats... They must have tricked you or spiked your food. Next week I am goin' to Tule's place and her mom likes to do things like that. So I'm gonna be on the lookout.

    Can you HO, HO, HO? Sorry. You'd make a great canine St. Nick.



  5. You are the most handsomw doggie I have ever met and even with the Santa Hat on, I still think you're cool.
    Don't worry about humans, they do it because they love you. Mommy does it to me all the time and I rather lie it. She makes me feel like her little girl and I see how much she fights for me and my kind. That MUST be love!
    At the Leash Free Doggie Park, but I was the only one that had to stay on a leash and muzzle. I don't know why? I'm a good girl and I've never been mean to anyone or any animal, but now Mommy had to put all this gear on me whenever I go out. But guess who all came running to see me the whole time I was there? Huskeys! Yup! Just like you, but not nearly as handson of course. I thought of you the whoole time and Mommy was going to post about it, but then got all the bad news in the mail, and then she didn't.
    I guess I just have a thing for Huskies and attract them, but I don't nearly like them the way I do you. *blush*

  6. I feel your pain. Mom has done the same thing to me. I gave her the same look you had! heehee

  7. INDY HELP!!!
    You haven't experienced humiliation until you look and see what Mommy has done to me! I think this training thing has gone to her head...or should I say, to my NOSE! *sheesh* YUCK! DON'T LET YOUR MOM GET A DIGITAL! You HAVE to STOP her!!!

  8. There they go doing that human thing ,But you do look AWESOME..
    Happy Holidays ,

  9. Indy Pindy, And here I thought you had escaped all the funny business our parents come up with just to make their season Jolly, ha, ha! Welcome to the club. At least you didn't have to wear the antlers my Mom made for me, ha, ha!Merry Christmas from, Jengibre and the cat pack!