Friday, June 02, 2006

Busy Day Tomorrow

My mom and dad and I are going to a rescue even tomorrow at the Humane Society in Fallston, Maryland. We are also taking that goober Meeko with us since he is up for adoption. It's called "Feline Fiesta and Rover Too". I'm not really sure what that means - are people really going to bring cats to a party at a Humane Society?
My mom also found some cool new dog graphics online. Do you like the new silver pawprints at the bottom of my post? I didn't like having the milk bones there since I can't eat those! Well, I am off to bother my dad, he just got home. I will post pictures from the event tomorrow over the weekend!


  1. I really like the new graphics. My human was just saying that one of her favourite things on us are our paws :P
    By the way, Mummy is working on a site which will be called "Graphics by Raisa"! I let you know when it is ready.
    Licks and enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Ooh, neat! I look forward to seein the new graphics site!