Friday, June 02, 2006

Wax On, Wax Off

Tonight my mom put Paw Wax on my paw pads. Paw Wax helps to keep my paw pads from getting damaged from hot concrete in the summer and from ice and salt in the winter. A little while later I ran up to my daddy holding a rope toy. He was in the kitchen. Well, daddy took unfair advantage of the fact that my paws had just been waxed, and pulled me across the kitchen floor.

Usually I fight that because I slide on the kitchen floor, but seeing as how mom had recently clipped my toe hair and waxed my paws, I just FLEW over the kitchen floor! Don't tell my parents I said this, was kinda fun!


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Dear Indy,

    You can now tell all your friends that you ski indoors so you will be
    when the ice and snow comes this winter. They will all be even more
    since you have all the looks, personality and athletic style that they
    But please be sure to stay nice, even though you have it all : )

    Your unbiased FL Grandparents

  2. You look cute being dragged across the floor :)

  3. Uhuuuu! What a fun! I've never put Paw Wax, but I have waxed my paw on the floor and, yes, it is so much fun!!!!

  4. Hey Indy,

    Do you use Gecko Glue wax? Arf! Arf! Guess you couldn't slide around with Gecko on. That's pretty coooool, slip slidin' around. I do that as I try roundin' the corner on the wood floor reeeeelly fast!

    It gets reeeeelly hot here too so I take my humans out early in the mornin' and later in the evening so I don't hurt my pretty feets. Dad always checks the street with his tongue to feel if it is too hot for me. Just arfin'. He uses his paw.

    Have you thought of tryin' curlin'? They slip and slide in that game. Maybe they could make the stones out of Greenies or somethin'.

    Keep on slidin'.