Sunday, August 06, 2006

Official Retraction and Apology

I apologize for my hasty and insensitive statement in my previous post. My human mom says I need "sensitivity training", whatever that is (snort!)

Apparently I offended Kaiyuh and her brothers and sisters with my statement about Malamutes not being as smart as Huskies, as you can see from the group photo that they sent me:
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Just because someone said that in Eight Below does not mean it is true, and I should know better than to perpetuate such a sweeping generalization. I do not personally know any Malamutes, just a Husky/Malamute mix (my friend Cody), and he's very...sweet. Yes. Sweet.

So although I personally am biased in thinking that Huskies are the bestest breed in the world, I am sorry that I offended Kaiyuh and her family.

(Of course, Huskies are not such big crybabies. I didn't say that anyone else IS...just that Huskies are not!)nyah nyah nyah!

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  1. um... I disagree and go on record as stating that I, Meeshka, think that huskies are far more smarter than malamutes... and fluffier.