Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Updates on Bear and Cheyenne!

Remember Bear and Cheyenne? They were at the Frederick County Animal Shelter when my humans and I went to get Lucy. I met them and my humands checked them, took their pictures and sent them out to other rescues.

Well, a volunteer from MaPaw wanted to take Bear into one of their foster homes, but the shelter said that he was no longer available and that they had aggression problems. My parents thought that was really strange, since when we met him he was very sweet and all he wanted to do was play!

So my dad and I drove back over there and I played with Bear for about 45 minutes. It was real hot out so we didn't wrestle much, but we ran around together and chased each other.

So the MaPaw volunteer came to meet Bear with their personal female Husky and they got along great! Bear and Cheyenne are now both in foster care with MaPaw. You can see them here on their Adopt a Husky page.

Wonderful news! Congrats to Bear and Cheyenne, and thanks to MaPaw!


  1. And will they have compooter axcess in foster care?? We really have to recreut them.

  2. Sounds like you had fun!

  3. That's good news for Bear and Cheyenne. I hope they find their families soon.


  4. Way to go, Bear and Cheyenne! Forever homes, here you come!