Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, so I thought I would talk about what a cool mom she is and all the cool things she does for me. Yesterday, she made me homemade biscuits! I like sweet things, so she got some organic unsweetened applesauce and used it to make apple biscuits. They are DELICIOUS! Here I am doing tricks to get one.

I'm also excited because mom is going to use one of the birthday cake recipes from the Dog Treat Recipe Book to make me a cake for my birthay this year!

My mom also got this really neat travel cooler. You plug it in to keep food cold, it's like a little mini refridgerator. She used it for my raw food when we went to the Hike n Howl.

It was designed to hold 12 canned drinks, but you can fit a lot of stuff in there:

I have a great mom. She trained me well, and makes sure I get everything I need for my special diet, and always wants to make sure I'm okay. She takes me to doggie day care, which I LOVE. And she takes me pretty much everywhere with her, and I love that too. Happy Birthday mom!


  1. Happy Birthday Mom!!! Indy, you are so sweet and have a wonderful mother!!! You saying Hello is amazing! I am very impressed! That portable fridge is wicked cool. You are one lucky sibe!

  2. Happy Birthday Indy's Mom! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday Indy's mom. You are a cool lady. You have to come play with us again and bring Indy too. We had such fun with him when he was here! Hope your birthday is great and you have a wonderful day!

    Quincy & Tristin

  4. Happy Happy Day Indy's Mom!!!!! It looks like you really took your time ans savored that treat!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
    (still sad I didn'tt get to meet you at the hike)

  5. Happy birthday Kerry!!!

    But I must comment Indy;

    A) You take way too long to chew! I would have inhaled that treat in 1.5 seconds.

    B) I can't believe you actually agreed to PERFORM for treats! You must simply demand them and then stare blankly when she asks you to do something!

    I do like your cooler! My humans have one that heats AND cools! They are sure nice on a long trip!


  6. Hi Holly! My mom said thanks! These treats are hard to inhale, mom makes them VERY crunchy so that they help to keep my teeth clean. Plus, she taught me good manners, and not that I'm CGC I can't just go gulping my food in front of the public!

  7. Happy Birthday Indy's Mom!!!

    I like how you talk! That's so cool. I talk a lot too, but only dog, not human like you.


  8. You are the best talker! You chew so well too. Those cookies must taste absolutely delicious. I want some too.:-)
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  9. Happy Barkday!! Sure wish my mom would bake me a cake.

  10. Happys Birth Day, Indy's Mum!. Hope you're not too olds. Arf! Arf!

    What a cooools movin' cold foods box. They could use that way ups in the Arctic to help saves the white bears.

    Thanks for signin' my Dogbook. Neatos!



  11. Happy Birthday, Indy Mom!

  12. Happy birthday Indy's mum - hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for giving Indy such a wonderful life.

    Mum sent HTHNBR an email about airmail postage on the recipe book - but they haven't replied yet :-(


  13. We're late and we missed it!! :( We hope your Mom had a wonderful day, she deserves it.

    Give her kisses from us,
    The Brat Pack

  14. Awww, you have a great Mom!! Happy Barkday to your Mom!!

  15. Happy Barkday to Indy's Mom!! We are a bit late, what with the new puppy and all..........

    Dakota and Xia

  16. Happy birthday, Indy's mom. That cooler is pretyy cool, er, oh never mind - that was really bad. We'll have to talk our mom into getting one for our raw food too.

  17. Indy, are you in PA? Someone on the Eskie Board asked this question. Any suggestions I could pass on?

  18. Ah ha. I just checked and see you are in Maryland.

  19. Dear Indy,
    Thank you for the daycare information. I have passed it on to the person who asked.

  20. Happy Birthday to Indy's Mom!! That travel cooler sure looks great to store all your food

    ~ Girl girl

  21. Hi-Woo Indy,
    That is such a nice Happy Birfday tribute blog to yur Mom. Happy Birfday Indy's Mom!

  22. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Happy Deflated (my mom told me to say that, doesn't make sense) Birthday, Indy's Mom! You sure are a great one!!