Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Dogs at School!

I'm at school today, and there are two new dogs! One is a Samoyed...his name is Sammy. I know, both clever and hilarious. His humans are a hoot (eye roll). The other new dog is a Husky mix with a somewhat curly coat. He looks young, he went right up to my mom and said hi. Here we all are having a great time.
You can watch us here.


  1. You sure have a lot of friends at school. And this fluffly white guy, wow.

    Happy Birthday to your mom. And we love hearing you talk in the video.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  2. You are so super lucky you get to go to school once a week!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  3. So fun to have new classmates in school

    ~ Girl girl

  4. What are they doing to your school? Are they re-decorating?

    That Samoyed looks like my bother Kona!

    Are those 3 black dogs triplets?


  5. Do you make sure you're the boss of the new dogs?

    How was your mom's birthday?

  6. Wow. Not just new doggie friends, but new northern breed friends. How exciting!

  7. woofies indy!!!! nice to meet u....it shure lookies likes u have a bunch of funs at doggy day care...annnd tell ur mama happy "late" barkday for me..

    b safe,

  8. New friends are cool! I would like to come to school too. Mom said I'd get put in time out alot. Harrumph.

  9. I heard it was your birfday Indy same day as our pop-pops. Happy Belated Birfday Indy!!!

    Quincy, Tristin, and our mommy also says Happy Birfday!!!