Monday, September 17, 2007

Photo Shoot

Last weekend my humans took me and Amber on a walk. Daddy likes to take nature walks and take his good camera. He took some pictures of me and Amber by the lake.
Here we are trying out our dramatic poses like soap opera actors.
Here we are trying to look bored, like famous people in Hollywood. We don't care that people are taking our picture, whatever. The burden of fame.
Dad finally got one of both of us looking at the camera. By this time we were hot and tired and ready to go home!
This one is mom's favorite, she said it's so gorgeous she wants to have a print of it framed. Well, of course! Doesn't everyone want one?
Ok, I better go to bed, because I have a busy day at school tomorrow!


  1. Indypindy,
    Believe us, we are just mutts (no pure breeds here), but we know the burden of being handsome. Sometimes it is almost too much to bear, yet it certainly does help to get us treats. Nothing weakens a human heart faster than a sweet smile from a good-looking dog. :)

    Rusty & Smoky

  2. Oh Indy, that last photo of you is be-woo-tiful!!! Definitely worth framing!


  3. Oh Indy... what awesome photos. That last one of you is totally frameable!!! Heck, I may have to frame it!

  4. Your day out looked fun. We love that last picture of you Indy. You are so handsome! Awoo woo woo.
    I tagged you in a new game. check it out.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  5. Oh, INDY!!!!!! What a paw=sitively WONDERFUL picture of you! You look so HANDSOME! Sigh. Really!

  6. Those are really nice photos of you Indy

    ~ Girl girl

  7. Indy, you are handsome indeed. You both do look like you should be in Hollywood

  8. Woo-Woo,
    What a pair of lovely ladies!! I would definitely think by looking at you that you were famous & would want your pawograph to member you by.

  9. That is a good one. I like the dramatic soap opera picture too. I just read the post above mine. That is not the first time someone has made that mistake is it? Maybe you should rename your blog A Male Husky's Life.

  10. Hi-Woo IndyPindy,
    Mommy says to please forgive her for the slipup on yur gender. She sorry that she made an oops & that you are a very handsome fellow!

  11. Wow Indy, what a great shot!! Defnitely gotta frame that one for all to see when they enter the house. Woowoo!


  12. Wooo! That last photo is outstanding! Mom knows how hard it is to get a "good one". I don't get it! Aren't they ALL good??